One business card.
Lots of opportunities.

Paper business cards are uncomfortable. We have to carry them,
we can lose them. We can easily forget where they are from and what's worse we have to type data into our smartphone. We have found a solution to make it easier:

Zbliżeniowa wizytówka w telefonie

Simply tap them

It is enough to unlock your phone and tap them to an NFC business card

Zbliżeniowa wizytówka w telefonie

Always with you

It looks like a paper one,
and you have it always with you

Zbliżeniowa wizytówka w telefonie


You can easily send an email or choose a phone number by one click

Zbliżeniowa wizytówka w telefonie

Always updated

Automatically saved in your address books

See how it's made

Paper business card of high quality integrated with new technology
First Business Card Layer Second Business Card Layer Third Business Card Layer Forth Business Card Layer

Clear order process

You don't need to download any application, turn on a camera or a scanner

Our team worked on the technology, which allows to display digital business card without necessity to install an application while using it first time

Zbliżeniowe wizytówki InsBusinessCard

Choose the best
package for you

We have prepared several options that will meet your requirements. In case of
interest in more, choose 'Order more'


Pakiet wizytówek - mini
  • 20 proximity NFC business cards
  • Graphic design


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Pakiet wizytówek - dopasowany
  • 80 proximity NFC business cards
    in package 4 x 20
  • Graphic design
  • Package dedicated for 4 people
  • $149net

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Pakiet wizytówek - standardowy
  • 100 proximity NFC business cards
  • Graphic design
  • $169net

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